Monday, December 31, 2018

Cultivate: One Little Word 2019

In my One Little Word post in 2016, I shared how finding the word that would guide my year was akin to finding names for my daughters. Always listening and hoping the right word (or name) would mysteriously appear. Immersed in family and holidays I haven't been tuned into the calendar, blogs, or my email and this year's search or discovery for my one little word has really crept up on me, this left the chance of my OLW finding me virtually impossible. 

So as the guest and glitter of the holidays began to clear and I found myself with some quiet time I decided to open my email. I am a bit of a word collector, and I was eager to see what words had piled up in my "Word of the Day" emails. As I was reading through the words of the day, their definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and roots, I realized it was time to choose my OLW for 2019! 


My One Little Word 

As I grapple with daily choices, I consider what the decision I make will cultivate in my life. As I work professionally with students and colleagues, I will use this OLW to guide what seeds I am spreading for others. It's vital for me to consider how my habits and choices affect those around me. 

My One Little Word (OLW) this year is Cultivate. I will be working to scatter and instill little beginnings for students, the staff, and me that will thrive in individual and personal ways to lift learning for all. 

Sometimes I get overwhelmed in the work I do, and I can only see the trees. I lose sight of the forest. I am hoping my OLW, cultivate will help me be more patient, step back, look at the growth we have all done and watch the sprouting we are all doing. 


Thank you for your inspirations
Ali Edwards, About One Little Word
Matt Renwick, BigFresh, January 4, 2019 Reset

One Little Word
Listen, 2015
Intention, 2016
Bombas, 2017
Embrace, 2018
Cultivate, 2019


  1. What a fantastic word to guide you on your journey this year, Deb! (BTW: I love that you listed your past words. I need to gather mine like this somewhere... someday.)

  2. Love this word and the quote. So many things I would like to cultivate this year too.

  3. Beautiful. I think I also need to work on this too!

  4. Cultivate is a wonderful choice. Love the quote as well.

  5. I wrote my post before reading yours, and I'm so glad to have a pal with this word as a guide. HOORAY! May the seeds of learning we share grow well! :)

  6. Cultivate is perfect for you for 2019! Your post about cultivating seeds was great, as well.