Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Shopping Muscles and Professional Shoppers! SOL Day 26

This is my spring break week! ONE whole glorious week of no alarm clocks, no plans that can't be broken (or rearranged at my discretion), and no meetings! It's time to catch up on books, friendships, favorite me things, and house chores that have been growling at me all winter! Ahh, I feel lighter just thinking about this week!

So day one, what did I do?

I called my mom for a mom and me shopping day, one of my favorite me things, I am a shopper!  I often refer to myself as a professional shopper.  I know all the malls, indoor, outdoor, strip centers, and discount stores. Shopping is more than a hobby, my whole family (even my hubby) LOVES to shop! As a matter of fact, our youngest daughter is making a career out shopping, as a market analyst. (Why didn't I know that was a career when I was a college kid?)

I know the current trends. I know where to find the best prices. I know when new lines are coming in and the "older" line is moving to the clearance rack. I know the target market for various stores and I know where I will find the just right piece to go with the piece from the other store, and I know how brands fit, I have got this shopping thing DOWN!

I could do it every day and never get tired!

Well, almost- I know when the stores get ahead of me too.

There's this time in February when winter clothes are picked over "clearanced to death," and spring clothes start trickling out all colorful, sleeveless, thin, and just too soon for Ohio's gray, cold days! And yet, there I stand, all bundled up in my boots with the fur and my parka feeling disoriented like I just entered the twilight zone.

How can I peel out of my multilayers of warmth to try on a bathing suit or shorts and reveal my pasty white flesh covered in chill bumps? I can't! I won't! I don't!

So this is the time I take a shopping break!

This comes at just the right time too. I am coming off the marathon of shopping seasons, Christmas shopping, all shoppers could use a break! And, on the other hand, it's just before the BEST shopping season of the year, SPRING BREAK SHOPPING!

So, starting spring break with a mom and me shopping day was a great first day of break! So, this morning when I woke up a deep sore ache in my bicep I knew I was out of shopping shape! I guess it's time to build those shopping muscles back up!