Sunday, September 23, 2018

Learning to Embrace Technology: Small Steps Big Impacts

Word cloud created with text from this post. The larger words show words used most. I am pleased to see STUDENTS is my largest word! 

Technology in classrooms today is ubiquitous. But with this comes trials and tribulations.  Well-intentioned students and teachers can find the tools unpredictable (and we all know how important predictability is when you have a classroom full of students)! All the while knowing digital tools bring opportunities that were once impossible. This is a dilemma I want to help teachers conquer.

Start Small Make Big Impacts
Pick one tool. Use it frequently, become accustomed to its features and glitches. Use it in lesson delivery and encourage students to use it freely in their work too. Take time to reflect with students on how the tool is working (and not working). Decide as a class if it's right for your class.

Below is a straightforward app that can make big impacts on learning. I have also included a few ideas (and even more are linked) to get you started!

Good Luck and I'd love for you to share your experiences with me here in the comments or on Twitter @Deb_Frazier.

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