Our Global Classroom

Connecting globally has been a dream of mine before I  even began teaching. My husband and lived in Japan for four years when we were first married. We were welcomed and embaraced as our Japanese friends eagerly shared their culture and traditions. I was overwhelmed by differences between the reality of experiences and what I had expected. It was then that I knew I wanted to help others see beyond stereotypes and embrace and welcome the perspectives of other cultures.

This dream came to life in our classroom when a student remarked that the information in a non fiction book about his home country wasn't true. He took the book home and spoke with his family that night. the next day he returned to school with information to help us understand the practice in his home country. From here it became evident to kids that there is more in our world than can be fully captured and communicated in books. So we wrote this post~


Twitter the amazing Connection between us all~

The rest of the story as they say is here! (shown most recent first)

What in the World's For Lunch! 

Connecting with classrooms on class blog~ 

Book talk Ohio, US to Singapore


Global Nature Walk~

Sharing Poetry Globally~


What's For Lunch? 


Wondering with the World~


The Original Global Classroom that Began it all!


Michael Graffin from Perth Australia was reading and jumped on board. Together we began the Global Classroom Project. Michael has been instrumental in developing The Global Classroom Project in to what it is today!
Michael children around the world thank you for your work and dedication to the Global Classroom Project!