Thursday, June 7, 2018

Flippin' Epic and Our Digital Readers

Stretch yourself, learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, build relationships, you'll be a natural.  I heard these words of reassurance and encouragement a lot this year as I embraced my new position, technology integration coach.

These words gave me the strength I needed to persevere as I tackled new challenges each day.  In reflection, it's been a year of new relationships, new strategies, new perspectives, and new ideas!  All of this learning needs a space.  Space where I can return to find my work, to share with others, and where we can all learn together.

Welcome to that space, my blog, Primary Perspective, my digital portfolio.

Today, I am sharing the work Julie Johnson, and I presented at a summer professional development session, Real Flippin' Epic: Digital Reading in our Classrooms.  The slideshow below represents the collaborative work of the instructional coaches, (Julie Johnson and Jennifer Bickley) the media specialist, (Phyllis Brown) and myself.

Epic is digital library app commonly used in our district.  Epic offers a plethora of books with just a tap!   Imagine sitting your student or child in the middle of a pile of unshelved books!  The choices are overwhelming, and this is precisely what happens when you hand a reader Epic!  We have to teach digital reading, we can't assume our readers know how to read digitally.

Teachers were at a loss.  "How can I make sure my students are engaged in reading?  When I look at the students on Epic all I see are students flipping pages!" Hearing the concerns of the teachers  I reached for  Digital Reading: What's Essential in Grades 3-8 by Franki Sibberson and Bill Bass.  This book was a great resource as I learned to guide and support my first-grade readers in digital reading and I knew it would be an excellent guide for other teachers on their digital reading journey.


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