Saturday, March 31, 2018

What Will I Do Tomorrow? SOLSC Day 31

What will I do tomorrow?
When I 
hear my parents say what we all know they're going to say?
feel the magic of having all of my family at one dinner table?
taste the delicious Easter dinner?
touch the hands of my family as we say grace?
see how much my adult children still enjoy baskets and egg hunts?

What will I do tomorrow?
When the SOLSC isn't here
to make me pause and reflect on my day?
to catch my words and keep them forever?
to put my words out into the world?

What will I do tomorrow?
we've all stopped writing?
we've all stopped commenting?
and we've all said bye?


Ms. Chiubooka said...

Your post is making me ponder how my day will be different tomorrow without the pressure to publish... without a deadline to dig deep into my writing and teaching wells. Your focus on family and togetherness is a good place to start. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

Agreed! I'm ready for a break from the daily writing ... and just capturing moments and memories with family. Tomorrow, for Easter, will a good day to start!

Kathy Schuitema said...

You're right--tomorrow might be filled with reflective moments and fun stories to write about! Save them up in your imagination and write later, after we all give our fingers a break. But it won't be good-bye, we hope!

Kathleen Sokolowski said...

Bittersweet post. As much as the March challenge means to me, it's a relief to see it end this year. I'm so proud I wrote for the duration, but this was not my best year of reading posts, commenting, and my own writing was not the most inspired. Thank goodness we have Tuesdays to at least catch some of these moments. Tuesdays always seem like a breeze after March! Wishing you a joyful Easter, my friend.

Amy Ellerman said...

This was my first time participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, and I'm so appreciative of the experience. It makes me want to do the weekly challenge--I feel that that's just enough to keep up my momentum, without the pressure of trying to do every day. I have benefited so much as a writer from the past 31 days!

Michelle Haseltine said...

What will you do tomorrow?!?!? Keep writing.
I love the form and the poem. It's beautiful!!! Thank you for this!

Krista Senatore said...

Just keep writing! That's what we will do!

berries781 said...

I love writing during this challenge and totally agree. A few days have been hard to find the time to write but overall, it hasn't been difficult and I have loved every minute. I will miss it!

Trina Haase said...

I love the repetition in this slice - so effective! You are so right- tomorrow will be bittersweet without this challenge!

J Koval said...

Beautiful poem, and so true. But SOLSC or not, I'm hoping that we all keep writing. :-) ~JudyK

Cathy said...

Maybe we should all just keep writing. Imagine the stories we would have let slip through our fingertips without this challenge.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Thanks for this post, which captures my feelings as well. And thanks to your commenters here who suggest that we just keep writing. That makes me feel better!