Friday, March 30, 2018

The Hometown Dairy Queen: SOLSC Day 30

My husband and I chose to raise our daughters in the same town where we both grew up.  Our hometown has evolved from a small cow town to one of the largest suburbs in the area.

As we go through our daily routines, we hardly recognize the town, except for one place- the Dairy Queen.

Our Dairy Queen (DQ) is an original, still managed by the same man and his family.  Our girls were introduced to the cool treats of the DQ at a young age by my parents and us. 

Special occasions, softball victories, and dance recitals have all been ballyhooed at our hometown DQ.  It has been suspected that a few events were created just for a reason to go to the DQ.

Early today, our youngest daughter (home for Easter) asked, "Can we go to the DQ tonight after dinner?"  As we drove to the DQ, my husband and our daughter went on and on about how our hometown is THE BEST!

If you had been a fly in our car, you would've heard-

Oh, man their ice cream is so creamy.
I tell all my friends DQ is my favorite ice cream place, but I only like our DQ.
The Grill and Chills just aren't right.
If they ever sell the DQ, you and daddy have to buy it.
I love the coney sauce and the skinny hot dogs.
Yeah, no all beef for me.
The catsup based coney sauce is the bomb.
Oh, man I am getting water too. Their water tastes waxy. That's how you know you're at the home Dairy Queen!

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