Thursday, March 29, 2018

Accepting and Embracing Change: SOLSC Day 29

We go through our days each day much like the other.  Until it's not.  
When the change happens, it's sometimes subtle.  Other times it overwhelms you.  This year I have been living out one of those overwhelming changes. It came when I least expected. 

An overwhelming and unexpected change doesn't seem like a good thing.  

I considered the change of working as an instructional technology coach and I felt remorseful for the classroom community and my building of fourteen years.  And yet, inspired and confused by the opportunity to work as an instructional coach and support teachers and students.  

As I live out this change, I cringe when I am asked, "How do you like your new position?"  I am afraid if I say I am enjoying the new position. It reflects a relief of not being in the classroom.  At the same time, I worry that my vague answer gives the impression that I don't like my new role. 

I have been struggling with this until today. 
This change was subtle.  It happened when I was sitting in my car, in the drive-through line of Starbucks.  I was sending a Voxer audio message to a friend.  

She's been presented with one of those overwhelming changes. 

As I talked into my phone, there all alone in my car, I realized something.  I was telling my friend how I am enjoying the professional growth and the opportunity to support teachers.  I shared how rewarding it has been to develop new relationships.  I shared my goal to learn to listen to teachers to hear what they need. 

I ended the Voxer message, and it hit me.

I am enjoying my new position, and this doesn't mean I didn't love my classroom community. 

It's because of the love of my classroom community that I accepted this position.  I want to help other educators and students experience the joy my students and I lived each day. 


  1. Deb, I am so glad you are enjoying the change in your position. And yet, I think it all comes from your intention of making learning great for students and teachers. It isn't a new position as much as it is an extension of your beliefs and goals.

  2. So beautifully stated. I'm glad that talking it out, while supporting a friend and her decision, helped you realize how much this new role has come to mean for you professionally.

  3. You had an epiphany! It's okay to enjoy your new job and tell those w/ whom you worked before. That you like your new job will be welcome news to those who know and love you.

  4. I love how you brought the reader along on your journey. Change can be hard and challenging. I'm glad you're happy with your change!

  5. Change can be very hard, but so rewarding! I've learned this through my many reassignments to different school buildings over my years in the district.... It's hard to leave a place you love, but then it all turns out great at the new place. It's kind of like how you can love more than than one of your children without taking anything away from another. ~JudyK