Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Unquestionable Power of Words Written and Words Read SOLSC Day 28

As an educator, I strive to help my kids fall in love with reading and writing this is my one faithful goal above all else as a teacher.  I bring in books that are current, well written, and illustrated and I keep them coming. Our room is a constant flow of new books to devour.  I search for writing projects, challenges, communities, opportunities, and celebrations to demonstrate the power of why we write and how writing serves us in life.  I write so I will understand what it feels like to write and so I will know how to support my students.  These efforts are ubiquitous in ever part of our learning community.

So, when I found this on Anslee's blog, I cried.  Unquestionably,  Anslee feels the power of words written and words read.  Her knowledge of this power will take her out into our world and serve us all.  Words aren't just for the reader or the writer they are for all of life.

Click here to hear Anslee's beautiful message. You're welcome to leave Anslee a comment.


  1. So powerful to have that kind of effect on a child, Deb. You must be so proud. Sounds like you create an environment where the power of words resonates with each of your students in a meaningful way.

  2. I loved the way Anslee talked through her synopsis of the book and her discovery of who was telling the story, so insightful. Thank you fro sharing!

  3. This is why we do what we do. Thank you so very much for sharing!!

  4. This picture is amazing! Pat yourself on the back, Deb. Way to grow readers and writers!