Monday, March 27, 2017

If I Waited to Write: SOLSC Day 27

Tonight I was finding myself a bit stuck and reluctant to write. I have literacy data to analyze, filing, reorganization of groups for intervention, and a good friend awaiting a callback.  Then, I clicked over to today's inspirational post.  That's when I saw this quote left by our own sweet Melanie.  Thanks for the inspiration Mel!

What I'd do if I waited until I felt like writing:

  1. Eat the last piece of red velvet cake. 
  2. Fold laundry.
  3. Call my friend.
  4. Analyze my literacy data.
  5. Reorganize groups for intervention.
  6. Listen to my current Audible book, A Man Called Ove.
  7. Read Facebook.
  8. Watch a good sitcom.
  9. Unload the dishwasher.
  10. Look at the paperwork for my daughter's upcoming trip abroad.
  11. File my latest assessments. 
  12. Review the new math unit and layout plans. 
  13. Comment on more blogs. 
  14. Pay bills. 
  15. Update the parent news page. 
  16. Research my next (non-slice related) blog post. 
  17. Join a Twitter chat. 
  18. Answer emails. 
  19. Meditate
  20. All right! JUST WRITE ALREADY! 
Now, I am going to reward myself by eating the last piece of red velvet cake and calling my friend! 


  1. Your post really resonated with me, because I too, really had trouble starting my slice today, and I laughed when I saw the inspirational quote for the day. Enjoy your cake and your chat with your friend!

  2. I saved this quote when I saw it this morning, and I'm adding your post to my list of writing ideas. 4 more days and I might need to try this structure. Thanks!

  3. Precious. And so true. I love Anne Tyler, so this was especially enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Man, you have a lot going on!! Glad you made time to write! ;)

  5. Clever!
    But what a list!
    I like to alternate fun and work (and in that order)!
    Even then, I'm more likely to start with two funs, then write and skip the work! HA!