Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Green Tree! Green Tree! Green Tree! SOLSC Day 29

Today I was reading Kevin Henkes' When Spring Comes to my class, and I was flooded with memories of a game I used to play with my girls when they were young, and if you promise not to tell them I said, I might say we still play when we have the opportunity.

The game is called Green Tree.  It is played in the early days of spring when "the trees that look like black sticks against the sky," Kevin Henkes, begin to turn to color.  As my daughters and I notice a green tree, we call "Green Tree!" As the game begins, we may call one or two trees a day. On day two we might spot five to seven green trees. The next thing you know, "Green tree!  Green tree! Green tree! Green tree! Green tree! Green tree! Green tree! Green tree! Green tree!"

The original game was merely a ploy to distract a crying toddler, and now it's a memory that will live forever because I wrote it down.  I know words that are written down live forever because Anslee told me so.

What stories do you want to live forever?  Write them down and give them life.

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  1. What a simple distraction for little ones that has turned into a fun tradition & memory for you all. I love that!

  2. I can barely stand how much I love this game (GREEN TREE!) and this post and the calendar your class has made. What a colorful blast! Thank you for sharing on the Padlet - may I share on Twitter and my site? (Are you doing daily color poems?) If you'd like to do a post at TPF, I welcome you there too. (Heads up that tomorrow's poem may be a little later...I was at the ballet tonight!) xxoo