Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Reader Beware! This is one of THOSE TIMES: Day 22

I really, really, really don't like to look at the downside of things. I mean I fight hard to see the brighter side of all things.  But there are those times when you just have to blow!

So take this as my warning reader, this is one of THOSE TIMES!
To help make this post bearable for you and therapeutic for me, I will try to add a dose of bright lining along the way, but I make no promise.

Today I decided would be my day of business.  I am on spring break, and I don't want to let the business side of my life have more than ONE day of my break.  I got up at a reasonable time and started in on the current business of my life.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I started by calling my daughter's university to clarify pre$$ing detail$ of her upcoming $em$ter abroad. YAY! I was able to reach the necessary party but... was told to call back after I filled out more pages of ONLINE FORMS!

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

What, you have to your taxes done to fill out these forms?

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I showered and headed to my accountant.  I walked into an empty waiting room and was greeted and pulled into a cubby right away!
See, it's all good, and I got this!  After 45 minutes she asked, "What's your goal today?"  "REFUND" I bellowed even though I knew it was a dream. We have paid every year for years!  She laughed and announced an acceptable figure (that we owed), less than last year!  With a sad face, I accepted the number.  But my lady is persistent!  She started punching numbers again, and again, and again!  Two hours later I left the office still owing the same amount.  She did offer to notarize a title I had brought in saving me my next trip to the DMV.  I thanked her, picked up my newest bill, all my forms, and headed for home ready to complete my paperwork.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I drove home, no one was home, except the cat, (silent cheers).  I grabbed my laptop and logged in, completed returns, passwords, and usernames at my side, I was ready to slay this paperwork!  I was feeling accomplished.  First login attempt, error. Second login attempt, "the username, and password do not match what we have on file," third, fourth, and the magical fifth attempt, your account has been locked. Call support to unlock your account. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

My husband and daughter called me and invited me to meet them for dinner at one of my favorite places.  Things are looking up!  I joined them for dinner, and we talked about the task of replacing our oldest daughter's car (she was in an accident a week ago.  She is fine, but her car was totaled).  Here we were more conver$ation and more form$ and more deci$$ion$!  We paused the discussion and decided to sleep on it.  Honestly, I should have said, "Do it" and left this job to the two of them. Now, I have to do more research for the car replacement!

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

We return home, I jumped right back on my laptop, refreshed and was ready to put an end to my working day by completing this one last task.  Hey, what do you know!  My first login attempt was successful!  Whew Whoo! I am on it now. Tap, tap, yes, no, yes, no, what was I so worried about this isn't so bad.  Wait, does that say "Click here to be transferred to a referring site to continue?" Yep, OK, click.... 'This Site Is Not Available. Scheduled Site Repair."

Okay, I don't have this anymore! I am going to have to let my business day creep into tomorrow! NO!!!!!

 Writing this post has made me feel better, and no one in my house knows I just had a meltdown.  I hope you won't tell them!
Writing is so therapeutic!

Fast forward to today, the following morning, THE *&%$# is still down!
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