Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Luck! SOLSC Day 23

I  knew it was a bad idea. I managed to reschedule once, and maybe it will happen again. I just don't want to go!  I am usually very brave about these things, but today I am not feeling it!

I almost got out of this a few days ago.  My friend needed a ride to the airport. "I can do it I blurted out."  It was the perfect excuse to cancel the dreaded appointment.  As soon as the words left my lips, my daughter "reminded" me and revealed to my friend I had a prior commitment!

Today was the day of the appointment I guess there is no getting around it now I have to go.  Then, my phone rings.  It's my husband.  He shares that our daughter (who was in a car accident two weeks ago) was concerned with how her stitches were (or were not healing) he wanted me to have her seen by the doctor today.  "OK, sure, no problem.  I will bring her up to your office today.  What time is best?"  Please say anytime that makes it necessary for me to cancel my appointment I thought. "Noon" was his reply.

So there it was I would be free for my 2:00 PM dental appointment.  I would be getting two fillings today.  I went into my appointment with hesitation and quickly shared this with my dentist. "I am so sorry to be a dentist baby today.  I am not sure why I am so nervous today.  I have had fillings before."

Shot one, Big Stick, and long pressure. Shot two, smaller stick, shorter pressure.  Last but not least, shot three. Zero stick, zero pressure!

As the numbness took over my mouth, I tried to tell myself the worst was over.  And you would think it was.  Drilling and rinsing went on for what seemed like 20 minutes. Then, finally, the dentist says, "One more little bit right here. Are you OK?" I gave him a thumbs up, and then I heard what sounded the last rotation of the drill, and then something hit my tongue. Finally, I thought.

"Wow, I have never seen that before!" said the dentist.  "Let's get a picture of this." He called to the hygienists.  "Deb, You had a crack in the tooth next to the one I was working on, and it just broke off. This is great for you, that tooth was going to break any day, but you're here now and numb. What luck!   Do you want me to go ahead with the crown now?"

Luck?  TWO HOURS later I have two new fillings, a temporary crown, and a very SORE jaw!


Maria said...

Hmmmmm..... luck?!?!?! :)
You had me on the edge of my seat, the whole time wanting to know what the appointment was. I almost skipped to the end, but I'm so happy I stuck it out!
I'm sorry your sore, but it was probably a blessing in disguise. :)

Mandy said...

Lucky? I don't know but you were brave so it looks like it was easier to get everything done today.