Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Few Things About Myself As A Writer: SOL Day 7

As a member of a local writing group, I have learned a few things about myself as a writer.

I have realized I am afraid to share my writing live and in person!  This realization shocked me because I am fine to put my writing all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and linked to blogs. There is just something so raw about sharing my writing in person.

Will they like it? Will they hear it the way I heard it as I typed?

Maybe it's the size of the group. It's a small intimate group.  Could it be it seems less likely my words will reach an audience who gets me, my words, my thoughts?  A large audience affords me the possibility, the safety that my ramblings will land on the ears of someone who needs them.  Minds that share my thoughts and in turn, understand the intentions behind the letters and punctuation.

I have witnessed my writing group fabulous, and I know no one (except maybe Travis) would ever say or think ill of my words.  I know for certain they would never be anything less than encouraging.

So why the fear?
Maybe it's the number in the group, maybe it's the face-to-face connection, or maybe it's because their words feel so deep and effortless to my ears.  My thoughts tend to be free flowing and so pedestrian in comparison.

I am learning more and more I like to let my fingers float over the keys typing out random thoughts that only quiet reflections can spill out of my mind.  These same musings that are present every day but when I write they demand their time in space and live air.

So I pause over the keys and allow life to breathe into my thoughts and spill out over the internet free to be.

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  1. I'm with you on this, sister. I am so self-conscience when I have to share what I write- just like our students. Why would they be any different? Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Interesting that it is more intimidating to share in person! I love to read your writing.

  3. You captured so well that "brave" part of writing. But the more we write the better we get at it. At least that's what I tell myself.

  4. I agree it is hard to share writing face to face. I keep doing - I hear my work very differently when I read it out loud to someone else. So hard but good for us I think.

  5. I find this line fascinating, "A large audience affords me the possibility, the safety that my ramblings will land on the ears of someone who needs them." There's some truth to that.

    Like you, I find the words others string together sound effortless and beautiful. I'm guessing all of us feel we work hard and never get the words quite the way we want them. What a great group it has been.

    You and Travis had jokes going all night. I had to laugh when I saw they carried over to your blog.