Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We are NOT the CrAzY Cat Family!

We have three lovable cats who seem to enjoy our home. One lives inside with us. She's the real cat of the house. She demands when we get up in the morning when she's fed, what she's fed, who pets her, where they pet her and for how long. She's pretty laid back as long as you agree SHE'S the one in control. It's all pretty simple this way. 

Well, I said we weren't a crazy cat family and your probably wondering why I would think of calling us a  crazy cat family with one cat.  The truth is we kind of have three cats. Kind of is crucial here. You see these other two cats live only on our porch. We fondly call them our "porch cats." 
Theses two beautiful black cats appeared on our porch about three years ago. One morning I looked outside to see a momma cat nursing her baby. I called over the family, and we all watched, and we Oh and awed and fell in love. 
Since this time we have named them Bella and Serious. We have learned the neighbors feed them and the cats sun and relax here on our porch. We call our two homes the bed and breakfast. 
Please don't worry, the ears are clipped showing someone has taken the care to do the responsible thing. In the really cold winters, we make a shelter for them. Both our neighbors and our family have offered these adorable cats refuge in our homes. But they kindly decline, they're happy being porch cats. 
So see we aren't really a crazy cat family! 
I am sorry I am not also featuring a picture of Bella and Sirius but due to the sensitive balance of power in our house only the lead cat is allowed to be photgraphed- Lead Cat Demands 


Donna Smith said...

We had a couple of "porch cats" at two different times. We fed each and eventually they each ended up living inside with us and never even asking to go out again. Once they came inside they determined never to be homeless again.
Our present cat,Noah, a newer rescue cat, is talking on my site today. He does a lot of talking.
BTW your cat looks a lot like our last Maine Coon, Purrsee - and he was very much a Lead Cat!
Noah's page: http://inoahcat.blogspot.com/

Teachers for Teachers said...

Do you know the book Seven Dinner Sid -- your post reminds of that book! Love it!

Kendra said...

Lead Cat Demands! Ha! We have allergies in our house, so we are more dog-folk. But my sister has two cats, and I love hearing their stories. Love it!

Jackie said...

Your kitty is quite pretty...and I would say that she has trained the family well. We have two indoor cats that we rescued last year and we are almost trained. We also have one 'porch' cat. We call him Monk. He eats food we put out every morning and evening. We do not know where he sleeps, but we have made a heated shelter for him in the winter. Our neighbors help out, too. He just prefers to be outside. I loved this post...anything about kitties always draws my attention.

Karen Szymusiak said...

Cats are wonderful creatures! We had three of them before we got our dog from the animal shelter. Cats can be aloof but they are definitely part of the family.