Monday, March 14, 2016

I Plan My Day Around Ice Cream~ SOLSC Day14

ICE CREAM is one of my favorite foods. Ice cream is a great favorite food; it 's celebratory and you can almost tell yourself it's good for you!

 I plan my day around having ice cream!

The problem with ice cream is, I have to plan my day around ice cream!
  • I shouldn't have it after dinner with all that fat and calories it'll just ruin my sleep and my girlish figure. 
  • So, I tell myself  I'll have ice cream for dinner! Well, that never works. Ice cream isn't substantial enough to sustain me all evening. 
  • So, I begin to think, maybe it's a good afternoon snack. Ice Cream is perfect, especially if I've had a light lunch and that's great until dinner time comes around and guess who's ruined their dinner? 
  • Breakfast? It's dairy, goes well with fruit, and it's portable. Honestly, why not have ice cream for breakfast? It's not much more sugar than some of our cereals, and certainly it has to have more nutritional content than a donut! 
With all these factors to consider ice cream can be a difficult favorite forod! When I know I HAVE TO HAVE ICE CREAM, (when it's been more than, four days), I plan my day around ice cream!

Here are a few of my viable options for having and ENJOYING my ice cream! 
  • Late breakfast, ice cream lunch, early dinner.
  • Special dinner with family and friends. I mean it would not be proper to end a special dinner without a treat. 
  • Take a vacation day (even if it's only in my mind!) ice cream on vacation is a must!  This option seems to be the most convenient and most often used strategy for consuming ice cream! 


janiefahey said...

I'm an ice cream lover and so is my daughter. She had Half-Baked ice cream for breakfast just yesterday. We can justify it at any time:)

cindaroo42 said...

I love this! My sister will also always find a time to eat ice cream! If it makes you happy, why not?

Chris Margocs said...

What a fun post! I go on ice cream binges myself, eating way too much for a few days and then none at all for weeks.

Teachers for Teachers said...

My mom always said, "Life ain't worth living if you don't have ice cream every day!" She continued to eat ice cream until she couldn't swallow. We have continued the tradition in our home -- some nights I share or have a very small portion!! It is calcium and vitamin D - both important for women our age! Enjoy --life is too short not to!

Kendra said...

We Always have ice cream in the freezer. Instead of yogurt, I'm sure I should start using it in smoothies...

Cindy said...

Once upon a time I could have ice cream everyday but aging made that not a good option. Now, I limit myself to two nights a week but it is oh so hard!

Lisa Keeler said...

This is a fun slice! Hope you get your ice cream today.

Julie Johnson said...

Whits has become a Friday treat for me on the way home from school. We may need to plan an ice cream date. :)

Mandy said...

Oh Deb, you know this topic is music to my ear and yummy in my tummy! Reading this post now three times has generated about a dozen slices for me. My favorite line is, ice cream is dairy. Did you know I scooped ice cream through high school and college and I still love it? But did you know I don't like chocolate ice creams? There's two of the 12 ideas that are racing through my mind.