Friday, March 11, 2016

Salon Day Part 2 SOLSC Day 11

Yesterday, I shared part 1 of this post here. Today's post takes us into the salon where the magic happens!

While this is already the makings of an extraordinary day I can't stop at the pre-salon joy; I haven't even mentioned the time IN the salon.  Walking through the door  I am surrounded by smells of coconut, melon and citrus all blended in one glorious aroma wafting on the air. I am greeted by a stylish and cheerful receptionist who seems to know everyone by name.
"Hi, Deb, Martel is looking forward to seeing you. Would you like a water or a coffee?" 
I walk over to the large modern waiting room and sit down on the deep purple couch. The furniture is firm.  Everyone who is sitting on the couch looks as if they have perfect posture. I am relieved it's not one of the sink deep couches, the type that makes you feel nine months pregnant as you're forced to scoot forward before you hoist yourself out of its depths.

"Deb?" I hear a voice softly call; I look up, and there's Martel's newest intern. (My hairdresser is part of the academy at my salon and has a new assistant every six weeks). We greet each other with friendly conversation and we walk back to the shampoo bowl. Oh, the shampoo bowl!

 "Before you sit back Deb, may I put a warm towel around your neck for comfort?"

Well, of course, you can, and as you're washing my hair, please take your time. There's no need to hurry; dinner's on my husband, and I have been waiting all day for THIS! Yes, the shampoo is my favorite part. As I sit there reclined in the chair, my neck resting on a warm towel with all those delicious smells being massaged deep into my scalp,  I contemplate letting go to sleep, then I remember, I snore!  How awful would it be to be rocked back to life by the sounds of my snores? 

Now, it's off to the chair, the hair stylist, animated conversations, and the DO! Martell and I discuss my hair, what's working, what's not working, and what ideas I have for today. I have faith in my hairdresser; I let her know how I feel about my current cut, and I show her a few pictures of styles slightly different than my current hair. With this preparation, I release the decisions to her.

"You know my hair and you know me, do what you think would be a good fit."

Martel usually creates a  whole new do. A  little bit of this and a little bit of that and I have a Martel original! Martel takes the time to show me how to style my original do from all angles and what products I MUST have to recreate the look. I leave the salon feeling like a million dollars!

The next day, I wake up and pull my hair into obedience and sport my original do for the first time. It's been a great three days, but all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow I have to wash and style my hair-- ALL BY MYSELF!
Bye-Bye Martel Original!


Ms. Victor said...

Ah- the hair wash is the only part of the haircut drill that I love. Here we also get a great head and shoulder massage too. I definitely want to linger. Some people I know pay (a small amount) just for a hair wash, as it is so luxurious. I loved your descriptions. Getting to know a new hair dresser is one of teh most challenging things about moving!

GirlGriot said...

I love getting my hair washed! It's really my favorite part. Once again, you have me thinking about finding a good salon. It's such a challenge with my hair, but I know they exist. I hope your hair post-shampoo is every bit as fab as your Martel original!