Saturday, March 12, 2016

It's A Slicers Choice~ Day 12 SOLSC

Thursday my class and I enjoyed our Slicers Lunch. Any student who is interested in eating in the classroom and talking about writing is welcome! I like to keep the invitation pretty open. If you're a Slicer and prefer not to join the lunch that's fine. If you're not a Slicer but want to talk about writing that's great too, everybody's welcome to choose.

I like to say this is my policy, but last week I might have strayed slightly. When I announced the luncheon, four amazing and disciplined slicers asked, "Do we have to come?" I was surprised by their question and replied sharply, "Well, it is a choice, but why wouldn't you want to come? I even have a surprise for everyone!" Then it hit me! I was using bribery and good old fashioned guilt to bring these writers to our lunch!

All through our lunch, these four Slicers talked amongst themselves. This was disappointing to me, and honestly a bit frustrating. I tried many times to bring these Slicers into the conversation and each time my request fell flat.
So, this week when I made the Slicer lunch announcement I knew I had to stand behind my open choice policy. Again, I was asked "Do we have to come to the luncheon?" and this time, I replied, "No, Sally it's up to you. But can you tell me why you don't want to eat with us?" Sally and her three friends who now appeared beside her said, "It's just we like to talk at recess, and we have to be careful about our talking all day, We really just want to talk at lunch too."
Wow! I knew right then these young learners were taking responsibility for their learning, and they knew what they needed to practice their best self!
I am so proud of these kids! This reflective thinking will take them so far!


  1. I love your idea of a Slicer's/Writers Lunch!! I am stealing the idea!! I think I would have responded the way you did the first time! But love that you stuck to your beliefs and allowed them to make their own choice! Keep up the great work!!

  2. The why behind actions, words and ideas is always so important to consider! Thank you for the reminder -and I love the lunch idea!

  3. This is such an honest slice. Makes me wonder how often I offer choice with a catch? lol. I love how reflective these kids are and that they were honest with you. That's a testament to you as well.

  4. Thoughtful post. It's a good reminder to take the time to figure out why. There is always a why and sometimes it just might surprise us.

  5. Oh how I admire your honest reflection here! I know I've been guilty of the same thing. You are so vulnerable and honest in this post!! I admire that! Those first graders are so lucky!