Thursday, March 10, 2016

Salon Day part 1 SOLSC Day 10

The joy I feel on salon days starts the evening before and doesn't end until the next shampoo!

I plan my entire day around a trip to the hairdresser. Everything about this day feels special, almost like a birthday, but better because I don't get any older.

The day before my appointment I am altered via text message that I am going to have a joyful day,
"We would like to remind you we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for Martel at our (insert city) location at 5 o'clock."  
From this moment forward I am planning my day. I begin with carefully choosing tomorrow's outfit (nothing that requires dry cleaning, no jackets that have to be removed), making dinner plans (either the hubby cooks or we go out), and considering what foofoo coffee beverage I will treat myself to on the way to my appointment.  This day, salon day, is a day like no other, any woman will tell you that.

One of my favorite perks of salon day is the ease of the entire day. There's  no need to wash my hair today or tomorrow because tomorrow will be an effortless great hair day guaranteed!

Stop by tomorrow and learn more about the joy of Salon Day from entering the salon to the end of the Martel Original!

Woe is me when I have to shampoo again!

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Happy Slicing!

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