Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Porches, Patios, and SOLSC Day 9

I have an event in my life that happens about every six weeks. Many may see it simply as a few friends meeting for dinner, but I see it as an event. There are four of us, me, Cathy, Nicole, and Karen.  We all met several years back through our writing and our work as teachers. We began meeting on porches and patios and then moved inside as the weather grew less friendly. At first, we met to chat about technology and teaching. Soon we began chatting about all the things in-between as our friendship grew.

Over the years we have shared kids leaving the nest, returning, leaving and returning.  Adult kids landing career jobs, kids going off to college, kids finding their way in this great big world, marriages, new homes, new jobs, and  family members who we have left us.

Through it all we laugh, we cry and we eat, we grow stronger through each other. I don't know what
I would do without these ladies. One thing for sure we when we get together I can always count on, laughs, queso, ice cream and love.

Thank you Karen, Cathy and Nicole for being awe-inspiring friends, tonight was like a day at the giggle factory! Thanks to our talented photographer it's a night we won't forget!

Live life like an ice cream sundae. A good solid scoop for strength, hot fudge to loosen you up around the edges and to give you depth add whip cream and sprinkles for the celebrations, dig in!


Loralee said...

What precious friends you have! It's such a blessing to have friends we can count on. Sweet slice of life!

Karen said...

How fortunate are we to have each other! Our gatherings are always "red letter" days for me - I so look forward to them, and then the reality never disappoints. In fact, laughter-wise, the reality might have exceeded expectations this time - my core muscles still hurt from our photography session!