Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Let Them See You Slice~ SOLSC Day 8

Today I sat down with my writers for writing workshop. I opened my blog, Primary Perspective to show the writers my latest slice. I often share my writing here in Primary Perspective, on Two Writing Teachers, or in my writer's notebook so when Jimmy blurted out "What, wait you're doing the Slice of Life Challenge? I didn't know you were doing it too. I didn't even know you were writing." I was shocked! How could this be?

I talk about myself as a writer; I share my writing, I write in front of them in modeled, shared, interactive,  and demonstration writing. This comment came from only one child, and I know it's not the opinion of all,  but it's important everyone in the class sees me as a writer.

So here's today's writing workshop lesson~

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I am not sure if I can hold down this challenge on three levels, my post in classroom challenge, posting kids slices and my slices on Primary Perspective, but I do know it's important my students see my write and slice!


Robyn Bindrich said...

Isn't it funny how so often kids think that writing is something we assign, not something we do? I admire your efforts in keeping up on all three levels. Surely it will pay off for your students!

Krista Schmidt said...

I can tell how important it is to you that your students see you as a writer...and see themselves as writers. I regret that for so many years I missed this point with so many groups of students.

Amy Rudd said...

It's so exciting to see how many of them are also slicing! You're a great role model. What a blessing!