Monday, March 7, 2016

Operation Rescue Deb- SOLSC Day 7

I woke up a bit later today than I would have liked too, especially since I took yesterday off. I hoped to get to school early and get things organized and ready for the day. When you teach, you have to be several steps ahead of the kids, especially when you have a classroom full of six and seven-year-olds! 

Well, my morning routine was much like any other morning, a little radio news and comedy, a lot of Voxer comedy, make some tea, feed the cat, grab your bag and out the door. All was normal up until this point... 

I sat down in my car while still laughing through a Voxer chat, turned the key and all I heard was err, err, err! UGH! The battery was dead, and school starts in 30 minutes! 

I quickly jumped back on Voxer with my teaching team and pleaded for a ride, in seconds two teammates had put "Operation Rescue Deb" into motion! They're so nice to help me out. 

As soon as this was all arranged, I called my husband to tell him the drama that was happening to me! As soon as he answered the phone I began, "Guess what?  My battery is dead!" Last week our daughter's car battery died and now mine! " Here I am with two cars and neither one will start! " I tried it one more time, and magic, my car purred like a kitten, as my dad would say! 

I quickly called off "Operation Rescue and Deb" and drove to work like nothing ever happened! As the day went on the conversation never came up, and it was business as usual! Funny my day changed and changed again. 
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