Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Day to Me, or Us Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 6 #SOL16

Last night I made a vow to myself NO SCHOOL WORK! Tomorrow I am going to relax, catch up around the house and do a little spring shopping.  As soon as I opened my eyes this morning (at 9:35 a perk of an empty nest) my mind flooded with things I wanted to do for school. I quickly reminded myself, not today, today you need to refresh, today you need to be you, today you need to do you, not Mrs. Frazier, not the teacher, not @Frazier1st, and not the blog moderator (at least not until after 8).

I walked downstairs struggling to plan my Deb day. What did I want to do when I am not catching up on school work? This was a challenging question for me. I don't think of teaching as work or even a career, but teaching is my purpose. I feel my best in a classroom with children. I have always loved being with children and helping children; it's  who I am. Putting this aside is like denying myself a part of me. But I have been doing "Mrs. Frazier" for several days straight! I honestly can't remember the last time I said no to school work for an entire day.

Our new empty nest and my husband's chronic back pain have made staying at home and doing school work easy. Besides when I am working on school related task I am not cleaning, grocery shopping, or any other household chore I dislike. That's a win in my book! So I made myself some tea and toast and sat on the couch and watched bridal shows. When my husband got up a bit later, we chatted about the day, folded laundry and paid a few bills.

I headed up to the shower telling Tim I was going to go out and do some shopping. I was shocked when he said he was coming along! We both love to shop, but with his back pain, he tires too quickly to keep up with me. When we go shopping together, the trips have become short. Tim's the one who pointed this out. He said if he needs to do errands, he prefers we split to get them done. This way he can move at a pace that is comfortable for him, and I can move at a speed that is comfortable for me.

So today was going to be a compromise, we were going together to the mall, and when we got there, we would each go to the stores we choose and then meet back up. The plan worked out better than I would have thought. Tim was happy to be out (and yes shopping) he was bearing his pain better than most days. We decided to end the afternoon with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. We had an excellent dinner and conversations. I could tell Tim's discomfort was progressing as we ate, but he pushed through. After we had finished,  we grabbed some dessert to go and headed home. So now as I slice he's resting his back in his man cave. We will resume our date in about an hour when he's rested up, and I've got my slice and those of my student's posted.

My slice is most likely boring to read, and if you've made it this far, thanks! But I needed to write about our day. We are adjusting to chronic pain and an empty nest and today I saw a glimpse of better days to come. Thanks for reading and thank you, Tim, for pushing through and making this a great Deb day, I love you!

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