Friday, March 4, 2016

My Passion, My Need to SHOP! SOLSC Day 4

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This slice begins with my passion and need for shopping, there I said it, I have a passion and a need for shopping. It's just so soothing to walk among all the new clothes, furniture, bedding, shoes, purses, make-up, books, and shiny new Apple products. I am sucked into a store as soon as I am close enough to smell it. I am not trying to amuse you here; stores have the most incredible smell! The smell of new clothes, fine leathers, books, and perfumes. One whiff and it's all over, I am powerless in the grip of their aroma. It's been this way since I was a child. 

I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and dad at Gold Circle, all for the promise of looking at the shoes and clothes if I was good on the grocery side of the store. My parents will tell you stories of losing me in stores only to find me in the shoe department, not the toys as you would expect with a child. 

This passion hasn't gone away, even though my budget has forced me to be more creative in feeding my need for the smell of the stores, the feel of fine leather, and the indulgence of the latest fashions. I mean I do try to limit my exposure, and I attempt to look and not buy,  but there's only so much a girl can control before she bursts out in a full fledge NEED for an entire day at the three local malls.

Yep, that's right when I shop, I mean browse, I hit not one, but three malls and few stand-alone stores in a day. I start with the mall furthest from my house because this mall has all my favorite stores, and they're all flagship stores! (They carry the largest inventory and the trendiest items) So while I am enjoying my favorite mall I begin to wonder about the other two malls, I'll pass as I head home. 

Then, as my van is in motion I find it is drawn toward the exit of the next mall.... 
I share this story as the back story for my next post, My Most Embarassing Moment, stop back tomorrow for the rest of the story!  

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