Saturday, March 5, 2016

An Embarrassing Moment That Almost Changed My Passion~ SOLSC Day 5

Today's slice of life story comes from a day about 21 years back. It's a story I share rarely, but when I do, I can guarantee laughs! This story is from the history book of my life and it promises to entertain all who are NOT involved and one who was, my now 22 year-old daughter, Lexi.

If you read yesterday's post you'll understand why I am still asking myself why I thought I could run into a mall and grab a preordered item and NOT shop, I mean browse. But this exactly where this embarrassing moment begins.

It was a typical evening after a long day of teaching. I went to my mom's, picked up my nine-month-old daughter, and stopped by Lazarus to grab a wedding gift that was waiting for pick up. This was to be an errand that should have been forgotten, but fate has etched this errand into my forever memory.

I pulled into the parking lot and right in a front row parking place. The proximity of this space, the front door, and the nature of my trip led me to decide I wouldn't need the stroller. We will be in and out, no need to lug out the heavy stroller for such a quick trip.

As soon as I got out of the car I smelled that smell... Oh, that smell! I pulled open the door, the smell, the colors, and the sights were captivating. Suddenly, I took a right turn. Not the path that would lead me straight upstairs to the bridal department as I promised myself I would.  As I rounded the corner, a dress caught my eye, and I decided to try it on real quick, then straight upstairs, no excuses!

I knew not having a stroller to contain my nine-month-old crawling daughter would add a complication, not one I couldn't manage, but a complication to consider. I walked into the fitting room, sat my daughter down on the floor and quickly took off my shirt and pants, talking to Lexi the entire time. Keeping her entertained was paramount to keeping her in the fitting room. I had the intense competition of the open walls at the bottom of the dressing room.
I turned to grab the dress off the hook and noticed I was entertaining myself; Lexi had crawled out the fitting room! There I was standing in the fitting room in my personal clothing, clothing that goes UNDER clothes and my first born daughter was gone!

I pressed the dress to the front of me like a shield and darted out of the fitting room! I looked around, and there she was rounding a corner into the neighboring department! In a panic, I dropped the shield and scooped Lexi up and ran back into the fitting room where I dressed while holding a squirming baby!

Yes, people saw me, yes I was humiliated, yes I forgot to pick up the package, and yes we went STRAIGHT home, and no, I never shopped without a stroller again!


  1. First off, this piece is hysterical and a great piece for new moms to read. I loved these lines, the history books of my life and then in my personal clothing - what a creative way to say undergarments. Lucky for you, cell phones weren't invented, you might be on youtube.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. You were right, it is certainly entertaining! I can imagine that moment of panic when you saw her crawling away. I love the line, "This was an errand that should have been forgotten...." Wonderful!

  3. You did not disappoint with your introduction for something hysterical. It's so cathartic to share about times like these. You are also very brave to do so! Thanks!

  4. This has me laughing out loud - what a story!

  5. Still laughing.... those moments are great. I once had a visitor in a bathing suit store. I told the mom I would be happy to entertain for a few minutes while she got her clothes on. Thanks for the bright moment in my day.

  6. You are so brave to share this! Thanks for giving me a giggle. These are the kinds of dreams I have all the time.

  7. Oh my goodness! This really made me laugh!! What a perfect slice!!! I have no other words!!! :) You are hilarious!!

  8. Deb...
    So glad I came back for day two. Laughing out Loud and feeling your pain!

  9. Kids are so fast! This is funny--and a little scary at the same time. Glad you found her and realized the value of the stroller ;)
    We've all been there with those mini mishaps!

  10. I'm laughing so hard, tears are running down my face! What a hysterical slice of life! And you know how kids are always saying, "This author really makes me have a picture in my head"? Well, let's just say, great job as an author, because I totally have a picture of what this must have looked like!! ;)

  11. Adorable (now) that Lexi escaped from under the dressing room door. Isabelle tried to do this a few times, but I always managed to catch her just in the nick of time (and put her in her stroller).