Thursday, March 3, 2016

Slice of Life Lunch~ SOLSC

Today was our first official Slicers Luncheon!

This week has been full of special days! Tuesday we began the writing challenge and today we enjoyed our first slicers lunch, complete with a clementine (slices) for all.

Some packed, some bought, and we all ate! We gathered in one big circle on the carpet and ate our lunches. We practiced our no hands needed conversations by talking only one at a time without raising our hands; this is going to need some work!

We asked questions about the challenge, we shared ideas for writing and by writers request, we browsed a few post, luckily I had a few prepared to share!

As we read the post we talked about the message from the writer, the variety of topics and how we might comment on the post.

All students who are participating in the slice of life 31-day writing challenge are welcome to attend! I don't count posts, or check to see if all that attend are posting, it's an honor system. What's the worst that can happen, students talk about writing with their peers?


litcoach64 said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea for sharing writing!

DalilaE said...

Deb, your note about "no hands conversations" made me chuckle. I had the same discussion with my third graders, and we are also practicing! I love your approach to encouraging the writing and not the monitoring. Indeed, what could happen except more talking about writing! Although we are marking completed slices on a chart, I took advice from you and made sure to help students see all the ways they could complete a their slices over the course of the school day. Now that students are going into a 3-day weekend, I am hoping that they will have gained enough momentum to keep up their daily writing. Thanks for sharing your classroom experience!

Pamela Stegink said... continue to be my inspiration. Love how you gathered as a writer's club. Also love how you operate on the honor system - kids need to be trusted.

Vilma Manahan said...

First time I heard about "no hands conversation." This is something I will consider in the classroom. I believe that most things are recycled. Creativity makes a huge difference!

ssurridge said...

Ooo! I love the idea of a luncheon! What a great motivator. I'm going to have to plan one of those, completed with cutie oranges. I will share this slice with those who attend. Thanks for the inspiration!

Krista Schmidt said...

That sounds so great! Thank you for sharing such a great idea and wonderful experience.