Sunday, March 13, 2016

An Ice Cream Encounter ~ SOLSC Day 13

Saturday I had the rare opportunity of bonding with Chris Lehman over Jeni's ice cream and of course, close reading.  The Literacy Connection  hosted Chris Lehman and all his brilliance as this year's speaker. Chris' thinking about close reading and student independence had my head swirling.
During a mid-morning break, my friend Stella was casually talking with Chris about what else, Jeni's Ice Cream! 

ICE CREAM! Did I hear Ice Cream? I couldn't help but step into the conversation! After sharing our adoration of this sweet, creamy food, the decision was made--- ice cream for lunch!

Little did Chris or my co-conspirators know, but I had already drafted an ice cream post for today. I guess the pre-ice cream post will have to wait until tomorrow! - somethings are just meant to happen, and Saturday's event was the cherry on top! 

ICE CREAM is one of my favorite foods. Ice cream is a great favorite food; it 's celebratory and you can almost tell yourself it's good for you! Join me Monday to learn how I plan my day around having ice cream!


  1. So many of my favorites in this post: you, Chris Lehman, ice cream!!!! AWESOME!!! Love this!!!

  2. How fun is this?!! I knew Chris fell in love with Jeni's at last year's Dub Lit conference, so I'm sure he loved the treat you brought him. And though I don't see yours, I'm assuming you had some Jeni's as well, correct? ;)

  3. Such great memories from yesterday it was fun to share them with you! I am thankful for our continued conversations.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. I've only had Jeni's once, so I don't really feel the love. But I am definitely willing to be persuaded if someone ever wants to take an ice cream field trip! I love the little teaser to tomorrow's post. Can't wait to read it!

  5. This was a fun delivery to make! I can't wait to read more ice cream posts - I'm going to have to stop and notice some ice cream with my notebook before slicing is done.

  6. Ice cream and smart conversation... what could be better!?!?