Sunday, April 20, 2014

Powerful Influences from a Powerful Educator

 Mary Lee Hahn is hosting a fantastic link-up to celebrate Franki Sibberson's 50th birthday! I am honored to be invited to participate in this event! Franki has influenced many educators and students. It only seems fitting that she be celebrated! 
I don't remember the exact moment I met Franki or even who introduced us but I do know she has influenced my teaching, my writing, my reading and even my being.  It doesn't take but a second to feel  like you're friends Franki.  She is so humble, she truly seems unaware of the impact she has on so many people.

I love that Mary Lee invited us to celebrate Franki's birthday in this way. This is a great way to show Franki how many lives she has touched and as we are mostly speaking as educators its not just our lives but also the lives of our students (20 some each year)!  That's an impact that can't be denied!

I am hesitant to list the  Franki  influences in my life.  The connections are so interwoven, they are almost impossible to unravel… but,  I guess there are a few standout…

Franki and I will always have our memories made in the Sheraton Lobby with our favorite author @itspeterbrown #NCTE13

Franki taught me that readers are Still Learning to Read beyond first grade! This was especially helpful when I moved from first grade to a 2/3 loop!  #ifnotforFranki I would have been floundering in supporting and pushing second grade readers!

Franki's blog is an influence to all who stop by to read.  Franki's blog always inspires me to read, write and think.  One post that has forever change the way I teach poetry is  Poetry Picnic.  I love all the ideas in this post and revisit it each March as I prepare for April's Poetry love.  Poetry Tag is still my favorite and in the midst of this poetry month I am looking forward to next year!

I am sure as I read on in this weekends #ifnotforFranki post I will be reminded of another influence Franki has made. Her connections and touches are truly to embedded in who she is and who she's touched they are impossible to separate!
Thank you Franki for being Franki!


  1. Love this--thank you so much! You remind me how lucky I am to teach in Columbus and to have so many amazing people to learn from and with. So glad we are friends. And yes, we'll always have Peter:-) Sooo funny! Love that you mentioned that!

  2. I was hoping you'd mention Peter. Bahahaha. I think you are so right, it is hard to unravel all the connections and things Franki has helped us to do, to know, to discover.


  3. You two were hysterical at NCTE13! Fun memories!!