Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrate~ this week! Top Ten List of Why it's Not all Bad to be Sick

Each Saturday I join a team of wonderful writers who gather to share and support other writers as they Celebrate~ this week. You can join or find more writers on Ruth Ayer's blog, discover. play. build.  As I started thinking about this week's post it was a struggle.  In the last 3 weeks, my husband endured a five hour back surgery and is slowly working to recover, my daughter and I have had the stomach flu and just this week I was lucky enough to develop Bronchitis which resulted in missing 3 more days of school (I already missed 5 days for my hubby's surgery)!  What I really wanted to do was start a new blog, Black Clouds Over Our Heads, how or what would I possibly celebrate this week? 
As I drove through the POURING rain to my doctor (for a follow up appointment) I started making plans for all I needed to do to get my family moving forward again.  As my list began to grow laborious I realized there had been some benefits to being ill, it wasn't all bad.  I know I might be stretching Ruth's beautiful message a bit, but @Ruth_Ayers reminds us~
We only get one shot at this life. One chance to make the most of it. One chance to live in the moment. If we aren't careful, it is easy to become tattered and worn and even a little undone. 

I have to tell you and I know it's hokey, but after I made this choice things started to change.  I left my doctor's office with a positive report and when I walked outside the rain had stopped and it was SUNNY...Seriously!

So here it is, in honor of David Letterman's announcement and Ruth's amazing perspective~

Top Ten List of Why it's Not all Bad to be Sick

10.  You can stay in bed ALL DAY guilt free. (My loving family is from THE School of Stay in Your Room Until You're Better School of Advanced Medicine.)

9.  You can wear your pajama's all day.

8.  Showers are at your leisure and sometimes not mandatory.

7.  You can enjoy your king size bed all alone.

6.  No alarms required.

5.  You can go to the rest room any time YOU want. (No more waiting for lunch breaks or planning periods.)

4.  You don't have to cook.

3.  You have control of the T.V. REMOTE, finally.

2.  Your amazing friends and family send you well wishes and check in on you regularly.

1.  Your students show you they're writers. Writers who write for themselves and without teacher prompting!  (All the posts you'll see were posted in my absence. Please click on the link and join the celebration! )


  1. Being sick really does stink, but I am glad you found the silver lining and that the sun was shining for you.

  2. You've got spirit. Not many find the positive in being sick. I hope this attitude helps you to get better sooner. Wishing good recovery to your husband. Have a sunny next week!

  3. Wow! You are really owning the message! And, you Top 10 List is just the thing celebrations are made of!

  4. What a wonderful celebration. Thank you for sharing. It is easy to get mired in the bad things that come along. We have to force ourselves to look for the rays of sunshine coming through the clouds. I have a hard time doing this too. So glad to hear everyone is on the mend and your sunshine has been found. :)

    First in Maine

  5. Living in the moment is so important --we do have to remember we have a choice in how we decide to respond to life's stresses. Thank you for sharing and glad you are feeling better!
    Clare and Tammy

  6. So sorry that you have all been so ill. We had stomach flu about 3 weeks ago and yes, it takes a house down! But I read many many novels - looking at the bright side as you say! Hoping you are all on the mend and can enjoy some good health and the energy that comes with it.

  7. I love that you were able to look at the bright side of things even in the midst of those black clouds hanging over your heads! It's not hokey at all. :-)

  8. I hope you feel better soon! I love the positive attitude and silver linings. I know your school kiddos are missing you! :)