Saturday, February 15, 2014

With Challenge Comes Celebration

Thank you Ruth Ayers at Ruth Writes for this wonderful community of celebration!  This community keeps my eyes open to all the daily celebrations and I look forward to ending my week reading all the celebrations of others!

This week has had a few challenges, but all were well worth their weight in gold.

1.  We had FOUR consecutive days of school!  HOOT, HOOT, WOOT.,WOOT!  (Four EXHAUSTING days! Do you have any idea how hard it was to teach four consecutive days after all the abbreviated weeks? )

2.  This week was parent teacher conference week. It was especially difficult to prepare for conferences this week due to all the snow days. Even with the challenges of conference preparation, the distraction from teaching and the late nights I have to say I LOVED sitting down with the families of my students. I loved hearing about the very different child at home. I always get a chuckle at the parents' reaction when I share my stories about the VERY different child in our classroom.  We both learn so much, all helping to move the child forward and strengthening our family teacher relationship.

3.  Our oldest daughter seems to have reached a new level of comfort in her college life!  She is seeking and creating social activities and spending more time at her apartment than our home. Believe me this is GREAT! We love having her home and we live close enough for her to come and go easily,  but the more she visits the more I worry about her comfort in this new stage of her life. Its hard to let your kids grow and become the person they are to be, but its even harder to watch them struggle to welcome this new independence.

4.  Our youngest daughter celebrated her 17th birthday and seems to be embracing the new opportunities coming her way! I enjoy listening to her plan her future and list the opportunities open to her. She planing and weighing her choices with a level head and her heart.

5.  Lastly, Friday my hubby and celebrated our 34th Valentines day! I met my husband in high school when he sent me a single rose. We have been together since, it's almost impossible to remember my life before we met! Valentines day will always have this added memory to make it even more special.
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