Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Primary Perspective on Books~

The best combination since  peanut butter and chocolate! 
As a member of the literacy connection we recently had the privilege of visiting Sally Oddi's amazing children's book store,  Cover to Cover.  Sally could easily be considered an enchantress of books! She knows every book in the store and talks books like she telling you about her own children. This book learning' and lovin' night is an amazing time. Being surrounded by people who love books more than you and hearing Sally unwrap each one is a dream for any book lover! The only angst of the evening is the dent in your wallet, which is easy to forgive yourself for! I wanted to buy bags of books, but this week I settled for a top three! 

Bob Shea is one those authors I adore, but one I never think to purchase! I am not sure why this is, but when I saw Don't Play With Your Food  at my favorite bricks and mortar bookstore, Cover to Cover I knew today was the day I would start my Bob Shea collection.
Buddy is a monster and determined to eat these cute little bunnies~ RAH! When Buddy asks the bunnies to jump into his mouth the bunnies scramble to show Buddy all the fun he could be having.  It isn't long until Buddy realizes he has made friends with the bunnies and how could even a monster like Buddy eat his friends?
As I was reading this book I found myself thinking about the connection between these crafty bunnies and the creepy carrots in Aaron Reynolds' and Peter Brown's Creepy Carrots.  I can't wait to share this book with the kids and see the thinking they'll bring to this fun story!
Besides just enjoying this great story I can see opportunity to discuss character feelings, actions of characters and Bob Shea's crafting choices. 

I decided to let you see just what the Primary Perspective was on this great read! (Volume is low sorry)

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great was on several best of 2013 lists and if you haven't read this one yet you are missing out! Things are going great for Goat, life is just the way he likes it then Unicorn shows up. Goat wants nothing to do with Unicorn. Unicorn will just think he's all that and Goat doesn't want to hear any of this nonsense. It isn't long after Goat and Unicorn meet and Goat begins to see he too has some awesomeness! The kids cheered when they realized Goat and Unicorn made perfect partners.
This story lends itself perfectly to conversations about community, appreciating others, seeing your own talents and gifts and taking care of others.
The kids have shared a few reasons you like Unicorn thinks He's Pretty Great here in our VoiceThread.

Nada Shireen
This is another new title and author to our room but, when I read this one I knew my class would love it! Rolf is a good little wolf, he was nice to his friends, ate all his vegetables and generally liked being a good little wolf. Rolf knew not all wolfs are good little wolfs but felt happy with who he was. This all changed when he met the big bad wolf. I can here the kids cheering on Rolf now as sets out to prove he is a proper wolf. The ending came as a big surprise to me and I am anxious to see what the kids think of this shocking ending. Will they see it coming?

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I found your 1st grade page and was so impressed! I am a 1st grade teacher too, and am hoping to learn a lot of new ways to bring technology into the 1s grade classroom. Most of the professional development on technology down here seems to be geared toward 3rd grade or higher, so for a first grade teacher, I feel out of the loop a bit. Yet, when I found your page I thought, now here is a teacher who knows how to make it work in 1st grade! I want to follow and learn from her! :)

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I enjoyed reading about the new books that you bought and the enchanting book store visit. You hooked this reader with your teaser on these books. I want to know how the good little wolf turns out as well! How did your students fare? Did they anticipate the correct ending, or were they shocked? Did they love it? Which title was their favorite?

I look forward to communicating with you this semester and learning from you. Thanks for being such an impressive, inspiring, love-what-you-do teacher! It shows!

Mary Alice