Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrate this week, NCTE!

This is my sixth post with Celebrate this week. I love the way this blog series helps me to see all the great things in my week. I want to again thank @Ruth_Ayers for this great series of blog post!  

This week I am celebrating an upcoming event… The NCTE Annual conference!  This year I will be attending the NCTE conference for the FIRST TIME!  I have heard SO many fantastic stories and friends have encouraged me to go for a few years so this year is I am going to be in attendance!  Each day when I come home I find mail offering exciting news, inviting me to events and informing of all the "must do's" of the NCTE conference.  
I am looking forward to meeting all my twitter peeps in 3D and learning so much my brain hurts!  As excited as I am I am also VERY nervous!   I am hoping all you seasoned NCTE attendees will leave me a few words of advice in your comments! 
With the support of some wonderfully talented teachers, @KarenTerlecky, @CathyMere, @MaryBellavance, @Bluskyz and @litereacydocent I will also be presenting at the conference! I am honored to be working with these amazing people and can't wait to actually meet 3 of them for the first time! It's true I have not met 3 of my co-presenters! All our planning and discussion has been through twitter and google hangouts! 

Please leave me a few tips for my FIRST NCTE conference and I hope to meet you at NCTE in just a few days! 


  1. I love this Celebration post! I'm SO excited to finally share the same space with you! Did you ever think our Google Hangout Summer sessions would lead to this???

    See you Thursday…in 3D!

  2. No tips from me, sadly I've never attended this conference. I have been to several national IRA conferences and if this conference is similar, you are in for a treat. How cool that you get to present! Have fun, take it all in, and maybe bring an extra suitcase to fill with fabulous finds. :-)

  3. Have a great time! I hope to get there next year! How does one get involved in Google Hangouts?

  4. We are also excited about NCTE and everyone coming to Boston. You must see the Make Way for Duckling statues if you have never been, We also love the North End. We hope to meet you in person!
    Clare and Tammy

  5. Presenting at NCTE is a ton of fun. Our best advice is just to enjoy the process - Such a wonderful opportunity.