Monday, November 25, 2013

Celebrate~ this week #NCTE13

This week’s celebration is a powerhouse celebration! I don’t know what words to assemble that will even begin to convey my gratitude and appreciation for the PEOPLE and the events that made this experience a reality for me.  This week I am celebrating my #NCTE13 experience.

@CathyMere had been encouraging me to go to the conference for a few years and then @KarenTerlecky asked me to consider presenting with her and some pretty amazing educators. This was a pretty terrifying move for a first timer I know, but when @literacydocent, @bluskyz @MaryBellavance @KarenTerlecky and @CathyMere ask you to be a part of something who could say no?
You can see our presentation below,  Kidwatching in a Digital World.

Being in the midst of the excitement at #NCTE13 was an AMAZING experience! The buzz and energy and the feelings were (and are) beyond words. I watched in awe as groups gathered in hallways and then disappeared rushing to the next sessions where they were often greeted with standing room only! I watched as crowds formed in doorways and attendees accepted seats on the floor just to hear presenters share their journeys.  Everyone was plugged in, crouched around devices, talking with people they just met as if they had been friends forever,  connecting, sharing, and nourishing their souls. As I experienced all the enthusiasm I  began to realized I was apart of all this! We all shared the same interest, an interest that rest permanently in my heart and I LOVED IT!

, @itspeterbrown
The energy of the #NCTE13 experience was life changing. We met our friends from twitter in 3D, talked with authors about what their work means to our classes, we reflected on best practice, the sessions and the many possibilities available to our kids. We talked about the ways we support kids everyday. The conference reenergized and empowered my teaching.
I celebrate being a member of a group of learners who work together to grow and learn for themselves so they can be the best they can be, not for themselves but, for the kids.

Thank you all who are reading and helping me grow everyday and an especially HUGE THANK YOU to Karen and Cathy who helped me to see this was the next step for me!  I am already looking forward to #NCTE14!

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