Sunday, November 10, 2013

Celebrate this week~ How Technology Has Changed my Teaching

This week as I sit down to reflect on the week I am amazed how technology has become such an essential tool in our classroom. My kids have become fluent using iPads and laptops and turn to them naturally to share learning and talk with others. Tools like like Edu Creations and VoiceThread allow the kids to take photos, record audio and mark up the image to "show off" their work. I can see exactly where the kids are in their understanding, how they are processing and applying new learning and where we need to go next. Technology has given me a clearer vision of learning in our classroom and motivated all learners.

I won't bore you as I gush over the ways technology has helped me share learning globally, with parents, administration, document daily learning, make lesson plans or even share books with others, but I do think technology has become essential in all we do and I can't even remember what I did before! So this week I am sharing just a few gems I found this week, pieces that help me where the kids are and where we need to go next!

In J's video, created in Edu Creations, we hear J as he thinks aloud about his reading. We have been working together to talk about books, use character names and think about what the author wants us to know. This video shows J's practicing talking about books and working to discover the authors message. I can see right where we will pick up in our next conference or small group meeting. I might even open our conference with this video to see if J can identify what he's doing well and what he needs to learn next.


In S's video, also created using Edu Creations, we hear S as she thinks aloud about her reading. We have been working together to talk about books, use character names and think about the events in the story and what might happen next . This video shows me  S is learning to talk about books and working to include character names and story details.


 Last week in math workshop triplets worked together to solve this math problem. G, E and .K shared there work here.

In this VoiceThread you will see a collection of work from our mathematicians. This VT is builted on an ongoing basis. After meeting with small groups or conferring with our working mathematicians I like to stroll through the mess of math about the room. The treasures I find are shared here for all to view and share.

How has technology changed your teaching? How does it allow you to see into all the places you wish you could be?
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