Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrate this week~ unexpected family time!

This weeks celebration changes the focus of my past celebrations and comes in a bit tardy! The reason for my tardiness is MY CELEBRATION! As parents of a 20 year old college sophomore and a 16 year old high school junior (who runs a PCAKED schedule) my husband and I find ourselves with time… time we haven't experienced in years! Isn't it funny how quickly the loss of time comes to you and how suddenly the gaining of time presents itself again ? Both present themselves in a way that is just to quick to adjust.

Time Lost and Found! 
This weekend our oldest daughter came home for the weekend and our youngest found she also had a opening in her schedule! Late night Friday is when I like to write, but this Friday late night I listened to my youngest talk about the high school football game and the fun she had with her friends while sitting with my oldest in a warm blanket.

Saturday morning is a great time to read blogs and maybe write a bit too, but this Saturday the family
gathered around the TV to watch The Ohio States Buckeyes play. Our oldest attends Ohio State and she shared stories of her class with one of the players and stories from the block O section where she sits during home games.

This brings me to my next writing window, Saturday evening. Our oldest had gone to work, my husband planned to watch hockey and the youngest was head down in her iPad, seemed like my writing opportunity was found. Just as I reached for the computer my youngest said, "I thought you might want to do something with me since I am always at dance and you don't see me much." WOW! This was a statement that took me by surprise and of course I sat the computer down! We went to visit my parents and their new puppy and grabbed some ice cream, a perfect Saturday night!

Time Found…? 
Fall back time change- Yay! I woke up first today, an entire 2 hours before anyone else. So here I sit, writing… finally! But not for long, I hear foot steps upstairs, think I 'll make pancakes today!

My class Celebrate this week is here. If you find time in you day they would love a comment! If you've commented in the past we have left you a reply!


Margaret Simon said...

My children are out of the nest, and when they return, it is time to put everything else aside and enjoy their company. I love my adult children. They are great to spend time with. Celebrate these moments.

Mommy Reads said...

I love, love, love family time. I know my son will get to that age where is so busy with activity or friends. For now, I celebrate his 4ness! Have a great week!

Carol said...

Sounds like you did the really important stuff! Blogging will wait!

Cathy said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. I'm so glad you found some time to enjoy your family. I know how much you value time with them (even watching