Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Lucky Tweet, One World and One GLOBAL Classroom!

I woke up early this morning to write a HaPpY BiRtHdAy celebration post to the #globalclassroom. When I picked up my computer I noticed new mentions on my twitter feed. So of course, I started my morning on twitter. It was a great way to begin my day! While I was sleeping my global friends were writing and tweeting. Imagine learning and sharing while you sleep!  

Learning, sharing, growing and connecting are only a few benefits of The Global Classroom. Here are a few words of my first graders~

  • Do they really do that in India? Let's tweet them and ask!
  • Can we see if we have any new tweets from our friends in Romania?
  • Oh, look Mr. Graffin from Australia sent us pictures of other animals in his country. Did you know they have MORE than kangaroos?  
  • WOW! Guatemala is so pretty! It's so colorful and they buy fruit outside!  
  • Did you know they have cars in Africa? It looks like where my grandma lives in Florida!
  • Mrs. Frazier can we find a friend in Brazil? My dad is from there. 
  • I didn't know Kiwi's were birds, I thought they were just fruit! New Zealand has a bird called a Kiwi!
  • Hey, they are eating tacos like us! (Guatemala)
  • Mrs. Milos eats baked potatoes in Italy! I had a baked potato for lunch!
  • That's so cool how they're learning English in school. How many languages do they speak? 
As I read the tweets I noticed Michael (as always  was ahead of me literally and figuratively) and had already said it best!  Please visit @mgraffin's post on The Global Classroom Project to see the 2 year journey of the #globalclassroom! This has been a life changing event, never looking back! 

Thank you Michael for rolling the snowball and to all those who have connected with us in making this one classroom! 

We are always looking for new projects and new participants

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