Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poetry Celebrations!

In recognition of poetry month we invited poets around the world to share their learning about poetry with us...

We met some great friends to help us stretch our learning~
from Illinois~
 from Iowa~

This tweet got us wondering about Haikus. So we asked our Grade1AC friends to teach us more about Haiku poetry. We stubbled on Guyku by Bob Ratckza and Peter H. Reynolds. We recommended this new find to our Grade1AC friends and GUESS WHAT? @PeterHReynolds joined our  twitter conversation! 

We were so excited to have @peterhreynolds join our conversation! 

This one tweet has lead to many great adventures for learners around the world! Thank you all for joining us on this wonderful journey! 

To learn more about these poetry connections please visit our Poetry Place

When @cathymere tweeted us about Chalk-a-Bration 2013 hosted on Teaching Young Writers  we tweeted our Poetry Place friends!  Please visit Behindthescenesinfirstgrade to see our 

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