Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The BIG DIVE... and the BIG SPLASH! Following the Kids in Writing About Reading

First, I want to thank @DebraRosenquist for her post Writing About Reading and @LauraKomos for sharing her Storify from 1stchat on reader's notebooks and my PLN who stopped by my previous post and the Literacy Connection for hosting this years focus on the Book Whisper by @donalynmiller.

I've noticed a lot of chatter about reader's notebooks and really started to wonder how notebooks would fit into our workshop, or if we even needed notebooks. In a previous post I decided to dive right in and ask the kids what they think about notebooks in our workshop. 

Last week I took the dive, I introduced the notebooks to the kids as another choice in the workshop and then stepped back to watch~

and the BIG SPLASH! 

Ryder created a picture using Pixie to show his understanding of the authors message complete with evidence and posted it in his blog! Yes, he did this by himself over a few days! 

Jillian is recommending books on her blog! Her recommendation shows she is thinking about the readers in our room and she knows what they like! Thanks Jillain

Lydia is sharing a connection to her cat and asking questions about this wild cat in VoiceThread. Good Luck Lydia, I hope someone can help you find your answer!

Lydia invites her friends to share their opinion on Good Boy Fergus by David Shannon. Do you think he's a good boy? Lydia doesn't and she tells us why! 

Bilai shares with us why he likes the book Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Wilems. 

Mackenzie shares with us what she likes about her new library book and evaluates her reading choice. It's nice to see her reflect on her book choice. 

Jaden is using her notebook to keep her goal sheet where she can find it easily.

Duncan uses his notebook to ask me to get more monster truck books! Duncan will be happy tomorrow, I made a special trip to the library just for monster truck books after finding this!

Ian is using his notebook to record his new learning about the Washington Monument and an unusual finding in Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth. 

Looking out in our workshop its clear the kids know just what they need to share their learning! Sometimes we just have to trust the POSITIVE INTENT of our readers, they will show you exactly what they need. 

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