Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Trailers~ Enticing Real Readers

This is my final reflection on The Book Whisperer. I have enjoyed reading this book and found myself really taking my time in reading. Stopping to allow myself time to reflect and to implement and reflect again. Donalyn's words have given me so many ideas to ponder. I felt I really needed to pause along the way for these ideas to percolate and then time to dabble as my students and I worked to see what would enhance our lives as readers and what just wasn't for us.
Along the way one message kept coming back to ME, (other readers, and most likely even Donalyn heard or intended a different message), but what I continued to hear was entice readers, honor their choices, build real readers not school readers.

Enticing Readers and Book Trailers~
One tool I stubbled on along this journey is book trailers. Book trailers have been a a great instrument for our readers. I first found book trailers on Twitter @MrSchuReads shares great book titles along with amazing trailers! Trailers give the readers a tease of the book and leave them wanting more!  Then when I pull the book out to share the book becomes the SUPERSTAR a live meet-and-greet with a rock star! What better way to entice and connect readers to books!

The kids are familiar with movie trailers and relate easily to book trailers. I find the readers in our classroom watching trailers over and over again. Each time noticing something new, then turning to the book to look for this same piece of information. The trailers build background knowledge and a purpose to read. The kids pick up books they might have passed over because they want to see what more they can find in the book. Just as the kids are repeatedly watching the trailers looking for new information they are also rereading the books to see what was and in the trailer and why.  I love to hear them say, "They really should have put this part in the trailer. This is important because…"
Book trailers have enticed kids to read deeper and read more! They have deepened book conversations and spurred conversations. Book trailers are helping to build real readers in our classroom and set new expectations.

New Expectations~
As new books come into our classroom kids say "Mrs. Frazier we should see if there's a book trailer for this one." I'm anxiously holding my breath for someone to say, "Mrs. Frazier, we should make a book trailer for this one, can we?"  Of course the answer will be YES!

I am planning to have parent volunteers make QR codes for the book trailers so we can tape them inside the books. Then as kids take these books home and share them with friends they can use their iPads, iPods, and maybe even a parents smart phone to watch and share the trailers!

Here are a few links for book trailers~ (included in this list are book trailers, author links, and readings of books. All great ways to connect and entice readers to books.)

Watch. Connect. Read. by Mr. Schu

Who Is Amy by Any Krouse Rosenthal (click children's book link)

The Digital Shift Seven Top Trailers to Hook Kids on Books by School Library Journal

The Poetry Farm  by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

Our Class Page of Book Trailers and Authors

My Pinterest Board for Book Trailers

Mohr Library Kids on Pinterset

Fly Guy Series

I would love to hear about other great links to book trailers and how you entice and connect your readers!

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Mrs. Lewis said...

LOVE the idea about the QR codes for trailer taped inside the books. Brilliant! Absolutely going to incorporate that as soon as possible in our school library. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Deb!