Monday, March 18, 2013

Assume Positive Intent~

I recently attended  Children’s Literature and ELLs in Reading Workshop with Sharon Esswein and Stella Villalba as a part of the The Literacy Connection Series of Workshops.  The energy and passion was electric, just being with these two ladies made me feel like I could do anything!  Stella and Sharon shared many things about igniting the passion in readers and supporting our ELL kids with the language they need so they can one day take it over, but  of all that was shared the one thing that has attached itself to my thinking is this~
Always Assume Positive Intent.

 I would like to share a few great discoveries I have made while Assuming Positive Intent~
  • Ningago books do allow readers to use reading strategies.
  • I do not have all the answers nor do I understand all my kids share with me.
  • Kids can learn from each other and take the discussion to higher level when we let them.
  • When a student BURST through the door handing you their book bag it's with good reason! He and Mom found a book by the same author as Bad Kitty at the public Library. 
  • When a parent asks for a conference (third sit down conference this year, and several drop by conferences) they really just want to understand. 
  • If a parent isn't clear on your intent maybe you're aren't either- time to learn.
  • When a first grader is climbing the walls in the bathroom maybe she really didn't know it was dangerous and we don't allow climbing the walls. Think about it, did you ever say~ Don't climb the walls! 
  • When your students continue to write leaving no space between their words did you stop to think that we commonly say "Make a space between your words." I have had kids who really believe they need to MAKE something! I think we mean "Leave a space between" your words. 
  • Kids raise their hands when others are talking because  they are just excited to share. They don't know this means "MIne is more important than yours." When I share this with kids they are so shocked! 
  • And the biggest of all! Parents and teachers really do want the the best for the kids. We come from different points of view and its our job to learn and consider all perspectives! 
This perspective has an A-MA-Zing impact on my attitude and how I support kids! Give it a try and let me know what you notice! 


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amy meyer said...

It's a great time of year to be reminded of positive intentions:) Your post had me smiling