Monday, March 18, 2019

Thank You For Your Patience SOL Community!

Thank you for your patience.
It’s no secret that I have missed a few posts over the the last week. This is called the Slice of Life Writing challenge because it is a challenge to write every day. I love a challenge, they push me, they introduce me to parts of myself I didn't know existed, and challenges invigorate me.

So, when I found myself not pushing myself yto write each day last week I was disappointed and surprised at myself. But, I made a choice, a conscious choice. You see, this week was my daughter’s spring break. In fact, it was her last spring break.

My daughter will graduate in May and begin her adult career in June. She has attended college 12 hours away from home and now, her career will have her living nine hours away. Time is precious.

I remember the phone call like it was yesterday, ”Mom, there’s a national fashion conference in New York. I really want to go. I think it would be a great way to network and get my name out there and learn more about the fashion world.”

My husband and I chatted. He didn’t love the idea of our 22 year-old daughter attending a conference in New York all alone, but we knew she was right, we knew this trip had the possibility of setting her on the path to her first career job. And we were right.

The days leading up to the conference were stressful. Liv called us daily second guessing her attendance, questioning whether she had signed up properly, and finally flight delays had her wondering if all of this was a sign.

As it turns out, these events were signs. Signs of how important the conference would turn out to be and the strength of Liv’s character.

Liv connected with several professionals who have offered advice, further connections, mentors, and job interviews. Not only did one of these connections lead to her first career employment, but another company agreed to connect with her university and allow students to shadow them on their next visit to New York! This connection was particularly helpful for the university, as a former company’s cancellation threatened to cancel the trip!

So, last week I choose to be present, to make memories, celebrate hard work, and embrace mom and me moments on her last spring break.


  1. Hi Deb - don't stress - those mom moments are few and far between! My oldest daughter left Friday for a full-time job a few hours away. I was ready for her to go, but now the house feels empty.
    SO EXCITING for all the New York connections. May your daughter find great success!

  2. Thanks Chris, it is hard having them gone, but the time home is different now, isn’t it?

  3. You know what is most important!
    And I am sure you also know well how to challenge yourself with your writing. Good choice, and welcome back :)

  4. Priorities, you have the right order! So glad you had those extra days to spend with your daughter. Hope you made some special memories!

  5. You did the right thing! Precious time that you'll never get back, spent perfectly!