Tuesday, March 12, 2019

She's HOME! SOL Day 12

Well, it's been a crazy weekend of  house preparation and  plane delays but, she made it home!
This week, our youngest daughter, Olivia is home from college. We are thrilled to have her home even if it is only a week. There is something about the shortness of the visit that makes it special.

Tim and I made Olivia's favorite dinner, invited the grandparents over, and bought a cake from the Dairy Queen!  Last night we sat around the table catching up, sharing stories, and it was grand! Olivia, a college senior who graduates in May shared stories of interviews, behind the scenes office tours, and awards!

Having family around is truly a gift and when it becomes part of sometimes its even more special. Now, at the end of the school day I am rushing out the door and heading home to embrace the special!

So I am signing off now to go sit with Olivia and see what else is new in her life that is ever changing and so exciting.


  1. Love this ... it is more special. I don't realize how much I miss mine until he comes home. I love the positive tone of your piece. So often people write about the sadness of the empty nest ... but when you are happy in your whole life it doesn't have to be sad. I love that the cake was from Dairy Queen. Enjoy (and write some short slices this week!)

  2. How awesome to have her home! I can only imagine how much you cherish the time together. Lots of hugging and laughing I am sure.

  3. Love that Liv came home for spring break. I used to do that in college. I never did the spring break in Mexico or FL thing. I always loved to be home with my folks.

  4. It must be so wonderful to have her home! Your posts about your daughter make me simultaneously ache for my own kids' future (leaving home!?) but you also must feel so proud.