Monday, March 25, 2019

Go Ahead,Slip Your Shoes Off!

About a week ago my family was sitting down eating dinner and someone casually mentioned slipping off their shoes on the plane. The table erupted in heated opinions!

There were the "KEEP YOUR SHOES ON" people and the "Go ahead and get comfy" people.  This was clearly a black and white issue, NO GRAY!

Perplexed by the polarization of this topic I decided to post this question on social media-

The comments entertained my family and me for days and out of the 29 comments, only nine were a firm NO!
Many felt it was Ok to slip out of your shoes on a flight as long as:

1. your feet don't smell like Fritos
2. you have on clean socks
3. you remain seated

And just when I thought this fun Facebook survey had run its course, I received this DM today!

Hi Deb! I know this is out of the blue but I ran across this cartoon in the New Yorker and spit out my coffee thinking of your recent post 🤣

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this DM! And what made receiving this even better was who sent it! It was completely out of blue and random, just like she said!  She made my day! 

I shared this with my mom today and as we talked my mom mentioned a lady who slips off her shoes in church! 

Hmm, maybe I should make this a weekly series? 

Is it OK to slip your shoes off  _____? 


  1. I definitely slip mine off. Shoes chosen for flying are made with that thought in mind. But I always wear socks and I would never venture out of my row without my shoes on. And yes, I have been known to slip my shoes off in the pew at church. Guess I just don't like wearing shoes!

  2. I love that The New Yorker had a cartoon to add to your debate. I don't think I've ever taken my shoes off on a plane, but I was surprised years ago when I learned that I was not supposed to take my shoes off while driving. Clearly, that rule was made by someone who did not regularly commute while wearing high heels! I think if you did make this a weekly question, you'd find a lot of places where people unexpectedly took off their shoes- and much hot debate.

  3. Ohhh...I think I'm a 'keep-your-shoes-on-on-a-plane' kind of girl! I think I would be kind of mortified if someone next to me took theirs off. Maybe if they changed into slippers? Hmmm. I love that this turned into dinner/Twitter debate. I'll bring it to my Friday Night Supper Club and see what they think! Thanks for a fun post!

  4. This West Virginia girl is all for shoes off whenever possible! Do Fritos smell bad? When Andrew was little, he always said his feet smelled like pancakes. Love the cartoon too!

  5. Heh heh. I definitely slip off my shoes on the plane! But I make sure to wear my "nice" socks and sometimes I bring fuzzy slipper socks to wear too. But never walk around on the plane w/o shoes!

    I want to see a serie! Is it okay to slip your shoes off _____???????