Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mom and Daughter Spring Break Day 21

This week I am on spring break with my oldest daughter.  Having her home from college is a blessing.  The week has been filled with fun and visits.
First, shopping.
Every good vacation starts with shopping!
Next, pizza.
Charleston, SC doesn't have square cut pizza.
Then, DVR.
Studying hasn't allowed time for mindless TV viewing.
End Day 1
First, brunch.
College budgets only offer cheerios and oatmeal.
Next, Groceries.
Our empty nest pantry lacks her favorites.
Then, Nap.
Sunday naps are the best.
End day 2
First, Grammie and Papaw's.
Because time is precious
Next, a best friend.
Conversations, pedicures, and dinner.
Then, dessert.
Every great day needs to be celebrated.
End day 3
First, home.
A day in your pj's, well earned.
Next, books, writing, snacks, and more DVR.
Because there's never enough time for these things.
Then, Slumber.
End day 4
First,  a medical appointment.
Taking care of yourself matters.
Next, visiting.
One friend for lunch, one friend for dinner.
Finally, reality.
Only three more days home.


  1. I love the rhythm of your post. Spring break with the college kids provides a mix of emotions but I'm glad you were able to spend some time together.

  2. What, no mention of snow???? Your spring break sounds very awesome!! Naps in the middle of the day? Love it!

  3. I can feel your dread of her leaving even though you still have three days left! It sounds like you have spent the first four days doing the exact correct things. Enjoy what you have left.

  4. Favorite line: "Every good vacation starts with shopping." Enjoy the next three days and look forward to the next break. Yes, sending the children from the nest stings.

  5. Sounds like my kind of vacation! So glad you are enjoying all the moments. Hopefully summer break will be here before you know it with more time together!

  6. Love this! Counting down every second to spring break. Enjoyed reading about yours. Every vacation should start with shopping! You are so right.

  7. Sounds like you're having a good week together. Keep enjoying!

  8. I love that you are having such a relaxing spring break. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!