Monday, March 26, 2018

Kids See the Possibilities of Blogging

Today wasn't just any other day.

TodayI had the privilege of working with third and fourth graders.  These students are exploring what blogs are and why people blog. 

The students were a bit cloudy on what a blog is and what a blog is not.  We used a Frayer model to help students understand not only what a blog is by contrasting it with what a blog is not,  but also we uncovered the characteristics of a blog and then finally wrote a definition.  This lesson is one I have lead many times.

But today wasn't just any day.
Today was the Monday after the March For Our Lives.

To help the students understand why others blog I shared the Who We Are page on the Kid President blog and @theLivBits first post on Franki Sibberson's and Mary LeeHahn's blog, A Year of Reading.
We read these words-
I believe kids can change the world. I also believe grown ups can change the world. It just takes all of us working together.
Brad creator of Kid Blog

I think kids should be able to share their thinking with bigger audiences than just their classroom. It gives kids more ideas, more feedback, and more inspiration.

Then- I paused- I asked
Have you thought about why you'll blog?
At first, they were quiet.
Then, I asked them if they'd heard about the marches this weekend.

The chorus roused, and students began to share their understandings of the marches.  With the spirit high
I asked again, Why will you blog?

Students began sharing what they called their mission statements.

To help others know how to be kind.
To tell people about what you're like.
To teach others how to do things.
To find other people who like to do what I do.
To share what I know about video games.

These kids got it!  They've witnessed student voices going beyond the classroom!  They believe in new possibilities.

Soon, students realized they had similar ideas, and they worried they would be coping.  This was the perfect place to talk about finding your audience and building your writing community!

Student voices are powerful! Let's support our student in raising their voices and writing and speaking from their passions.


  1. This is awesome, Deb! Helping kids find their reasons for writing is so important and helps to nurture their identities as writers. Well-done!

  2. I appreciated your nudge :) Since my participation in this Slice of Life month long challenge, I have really felt more and more compelled to do this in my classroom. Thank you for writing your experience with students. It is as if you've passed a baton to those of us hesitating on how to get it going. Thank you!