Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Whole Weekend! SOLSC Day 5

And just like that, the weekend is over!  Where did the long mornings and late nights go?  There's is something about Sunday nights that just seems to smack me in the face!

Just a few hours ago I was aimlessly wandering Target looking for something I just had to have. My daughter led us first to the books where we shared titles we'd like to add to out TBR list.  Next, we browsed the new patio furniture and talked about all the ideas we had for late nights on the patio.
Finally, we found what we "needed" new placemats for the dining room table, a new piece of wall art for Lexi's room, and pencil pouch for the new stylus' I found on clearance! Yep, all must-haves, and we were out the door.
As we drove home with the endless day stretched out in front of us I planned sitting in my office in my comfy recliner and listening to my book (Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult) before starting some laundry, organizing my week's plans, and paying a few bills. I mean just minutes ago I had the whole day ahead of me!
As I listened to my book, my mind jumped, and I remembered I have a professional book talk tomorrow and I haven't read yet. Add this to my list, I have the whole day ahead of me!



Dinner's ready!


I didn't do the laundry, pay any bills,  fuss over my plans, or read for my book talk!

What happened to my weekend?


shogem said...

I totally understand about no time left in the weekend. I had 40 5th grade opinion papers to read and score this weekend. That was my priority. I got through them. Tomorrow I will bring home the other 20 late papers.

PKPamela1 said...

Wow! You wrote about my weekend. How did you know?

Happy scurrying and slicing!

Pamlingelbach comment. My iPad is not friendly for Blogger comments.

Kathleen Sokolowski said...

Sunday smacked me in the face too, Deb!! Lol.

BK said...

Ah yes, Deb, I remember that question well.
Hope you have a great week that you can share.

Teachers for Teachers said...

It all goes so quickly -- sounds like you had some quality time with your daughter. I try to remember all the things I did do, rather than what I didn't do. I hope you had a leisurely dinner with your family. It will all get done --it always does!

Landon Ball said...

Such a familiar feeling, Deb! My wife and I are sitting here wondering what happened to our weekend, too! Good luck this week!

Julie Johnson said...

Love the line...Sunday smacked me in the face. Too funny and so true! Hope you have a great week.

BethMooreSchool said...

The weekends go by in a blink, don't they? There's always so much to do, so little time!

Lydia Dudenas said...

Classic Sunday! Our house hold always had something called "Sunday night productive mode", which really means, "I have to kick it into high gear to get done with everything I did NOT get done all weekend. Isn't Target grand?

Lydia Dudenas said...

We have something called "Sunday night productive mode" at our house, which is really a panic paced race to finish all that was procrastinated away. :)

Krista Schmidt said...

Ugh! Weekends go by so quickly. I always need to stop and remind myself what I DID do despite all that I did not get to.