Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Dark and Ominous Sky: SOLSC Day 26

The sky went dark and ominous, but no one seemed to notice.  We were all debating who would be the one to clean up after dinner.  Lexi placed her finger on her nose and declared
"I'm sick I shouldn't have to clean up tonight."
"Well, dad and I cooked, so this means it's up to you," I replied with a hint of nanny-nanny-boo-boo in my voice.
"No, I need to rest up I have classes this week, and I am not feeling good." Lexi tried again.

The next thing I knew we all in clearing the table making the task less for all.  As we rinsed off plates, loaded the dishwasher, and filled the fridge with the leftovers the three iPhones resting on the island began to blare an emergency alert.  We all stopped and reached for our phones.

The alert made us aware of the dark and ominous sky and the tornado warning for our area.  The sirens in our area began to sound.  We looked at the radar and streets within two miles of us were withing THE AREA of concern!  My husband stepped outside to check the weather.  (I know, not a good idea, he just can't help himself.)  Lexi and I gathered our technology devices, chargers, our cat, and yelled for Tim to join us in the basement.

We sat in the basement watching the radar, texting family and friends making sure everyone was in a safe area and aware of the warning.  The wind began to whistle, and the rain pounded on the windows. It lasted about five minutes, and the warning was over, and we were safe.  It was a small inconvenience, just enough to raise the blood pressure and readjust your evening for a short time.

We walked back upstairs and resumed the dreaded Sunday night routines as we prepared to return to our classrooms and workplace tomorrow.  Grateful.


  1. Holy Moly!!!! That's so scary! I'm happy to hear that you were all safe. We didn't have any warnings here today, but a lot of rain. (I'm about 2 hours south of you, I think. I'm in Mason... near Kings Island). :)

  2. I have never lived in a place where tornadoes were a part of life. I'm sure you "get used" to them and are able to calm your beating heart when they are over. I think I would have a hard time sleeping. I live in earthquake country--no warning given, but are way less frequent. I'm glad everything turned out well and it only lasted a short time.

  3. Yes, I was sitting in the basement this evening also, as the storm was overhead. I had an advance warning that it was coming, thanks to one son who called to let me know the storm was in the next county and heading our way. Luckily, no tornadoes touched down in the area. Definitely a reason to be grateful! ~JudyK