Monday, March 13, 2017

More Joy Around the Table: SOLSC Day 13

About a year ago I wrote a post, The Agony of Cooking and Joy Around the Table.  In this post, I uncovered something that surprised even me, I can cook. A bit limited, but yet a cook.  I shared how I just do not like to cook, and I accept this fact.

But as I wrote the post I came to realize I can cook I am not a dinner cook, but a breakfast cook. I was shocked by this because as Cathy pointed out in the comments, I am not a morning person. Never the less I am proud to turn out a rocking Sunday breakfast.

Tonight something else surprised me, I made dinner, a scrumptious dinner at that! A dinner that had the entire family, and a visiting friend, (both girls are home for spring break). It's true! Every single person at the table said, "Mmmm, is this good."  They even had SECONDS! Did you hear that? People went in for SECONDS on a meal I cooked!  Are they just not used to home cooked meals, (likely) or did I hit one out of the park?

More joy around the table!

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  1. We are works in progress in all aspects! etc...Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat.I was left wondering what you cooked for your guests.

  2. I'd say you hit it out of the park! The young people I know would go out if the meal were not appetizing. Well done!

  3. I wanted to "like" this post - there is joy in it and satisfaction for a job well done. And, you are surrounded by your people. Great tone. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the memories and the joy that there is to sitting around the dinner table. I dream that my girls will find joy in sitting (and lingering) around the table when they get older. I need to know what you made. Was it breakfast for dinner? :)

  5. Loved this!
    Sounds like it was delicious!
    I'm not into cooking. I want to grow up to be like my mom!