Monday, January 9, 2017

Taking Control of The Infamous To Be Read Shelf: #MustReadin2017

Taking Control of The Infamous To Be Read Shelf: #MustReadin2017

It seems every time I browse social media, have coffee with a friend, read a blog, or even breath there's a new title I want to add to the infamous to-be-read pile.  I am not good at keeping track of all these titles either! If they're for the classroom, I jump on the library app and order them right away.  If they're professional, adult fiction, or self-help books, I order them from Amazon.

 Unfortunately, I do this so often I can't keep track of why I ordered the book or where I learned about the title.

 As I looked at my bookshelves (physical, digital, and audio), I realized, simply owning the books was not enough!  I was actually, going to have read the books.

My Lifeline
Enter my friend and professional lifeline, Cathy Mere and her post, Let's Read: It's All About a Plan #MustReadin2017.  Cathy shares her discovery of Carrie Gelson's #MustReadin2017 post.  Knowing Cathy was always into something good I started following her clicks. I read the posts and lists of books to be read in 2017 linked on Cathy's blog and then on Cathy's Goodreads shelf.  I knew all this clicking was leading me exactly where I needed to go to get these books off my shelves and into my mind where they can inspire, shape perspectives, and help me to be a better person.

The Plan 
Step 1-
Pull some books OFF my shelf!

Step 2-
 Organize and update my Goodreads shelf.

Step 3-
Choose my books for the month.

Step 4-Write my post and commit!

My to-read shelf on Goodreads is organized and updated, and I am in!  I will use my Goodreads shelf to add new books and make note of where I learned of the title or why I have added it to the shelf.  I am borrowing Cathy's idea of monthly planning. This will allow me to leave room in my #MustReadin2017 plan to add new titles and picture books I find throughout the year. I also want to make sure I can meet my reading goals.

January's Plan: #Mustreadin2017


  1. I love your plan! Making it public is a little pressure. I haven't made mine public (yet) but will be following closely with my choices.

  2. When I read Cathy's post, I thought, "This woman is soooo smart! I want to do this too!"But I haven't done it yet. Several of yours, including Hillbilly Elegy are also on my TBR pile. Hmmmm…

  3. I've been in on the #MustRead fun with Carrie for several years. It's a great way to be encouraged to finally get to those books sitting on the shelves. Welcome to the fun!