Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Bestowed Talent or Just a Dream? Slice of Life

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As I was growing up, my mom shared the story of a reader telling her she would have two daughters, one who would be a home body and one who would be musically inclined.  This story left our family partly mystified.  I say partly because my mom did have two daughters.  My sister's disabilities made her a homebody, but neither of us were or are musically inclined.

Don't get me wrong both my sister and I enjoyed music, and my sister was always ready to clap along on the first beat! I, however, can't keep a beat or even come close to hitting a note or carrying a tune.  As a matter of fact, if there is anyone in the row in front of me at church, I kindly mouth the words to spare my embarrassment and the ears of others!

But, at 70 MPH with the car windows down, I AM ADELE!

My mom still loves sharing stories of me dressing up as Cher and singing into a hairbrush.

When I was a young girl, I WAS CHER!

I am not be blessed with the voice to sign, but I am blessed with a sincere desire to sing. Someday this dream will be realized.

"In my next life, I WILL SING!"

These stories rest at the front of my mind, and I share them often.


Well, this weekend while attending the NCTE conference in Atlanta I was approached by a woman with an unusual message.  She reached out and grabbed my arm.  After a few seconds, she said, "You're a musician. Do you sing or play an instrument?" I laughed and said, "No, I am a terrible singer, and I have never played an instrument." She persisted, "You're a musician, a talent has been bestowed on you. You are meant to sing for the Lord."

This was an unusual exchange with a complete stranger, and it left me feeling a bit creepy.  But, her determination and sincerity made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, I have a talent yet to be realized.

Those who have heard me sign will assure you and me, I do not have a musical talent, but it is fun to dream.



  1. What a great story! Sounds like some kind of music is trying to work its way out of you. May you find your way to it.

  2. A really interesting message. Hmmmm....

  3. Wow... so interesting! Maybe you "sing" through your writing! Great post!!